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It all began in the mid 1990s with an old battered and very loveable white van, that took a small stall and a few items for sale to Scooter Weekenders, Mod Revivals, Northern Soul and Punk Events. From that small acrorn we began to grow

Many other companies claim to be British Heritage Brands, but ours wasnt written up on a boardroom table, Warrior Clothing has a genuine heritage, we have lived it, it is in our DNA

Mail order followed and in the early noughties we began to produce our own ranges and from that small acorn, as a brand, we began to grow.

Warrior Clothing is now sold in several independent stores, carefully chosen by us to reflect our own working class ethic and independent spirit. We export worldwide and have customers in over 40 countries

Welcome to our updated website containing our Autumn Winter 2016 Collection