Welcome to Warrior Clothing England

Since 1995 our brand has become famous for vintage styled clothing, strongly influenced by the music subcultures we love. Warrior Harrington Jackets have been proudly worn by punks everywhere. Our narrow braces worn by rude boys all over the world and our vintage button down shirts, adopted as the favored brand for mod and skinhead fashion. As a non-political, business we remain true to our working class roots and are still an active part of the British classic scooter scene, which first embraced us. Warrior is a genuine British heritage company. Our brand image is real, not something created by executives in grey suits. We have danced in northern soul clubs, inhaled the exhaust fumes at scooter rallies and sweated at small cramped punk gigs. We haven’t just dreamed the dream – we have lived it.

Much more than just a lifestyle brand